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Dhyanalinga Silk Vastram

Dhyanalinga Silk Vastram

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Dhyanalinga Vastram - A sacred cloth that holds within it the esteemed fortune of being draped around the Dhyanalinga.

Everyday, the Dhyanalinga is adorned with a fresh Linga Vastram . Soaked in these divine energies the Linga Vastram, becomes a powerful tool which radiates the Grace of Dhyanalinga. 

For the first time, Isha Life provides you with the precious opportunity to hold this energized Linga Vastram (both long and short shawl) in your space. 

Keeping the Linga Vastram in a sacred space in your house (e.g. a shrine, a pooja room or meditation room) will have a positive impact on the surroundings. 

Offered together with the Dhyanalinga photo, Vibhuti and a Sadhguru quote postcard, the Vastram can make the space it is kept in sacred and revered.

Limited Availability.

Wooden Box:
Length: 33 cm,
Breadth: 23 cm,
Height: 7.5 cm,
Weight: 1.394 gm.

Long Shawl:
Length: 146 inch,
Width: 51 inch,
Weight: 227 gm.

Dhyanalinga Photo Frame:
Length: 16.5 cm,
Height: 11.5 cm
Weight: 110gm.

Dia: 4 cm,
Height: 4 cm,
Weight: 64 gm.

Sadhguru Quote Postcard:
Length: 20 cm,
Height: 10 cm,
Weight: 7gm.

Dhyanalinga Silk Vastram

  • £600.00
    Unit price per 

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